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How Fast are You Ageing?

Science has made stunning discoveries in this area of human interest, it's something we all want to know - can we slow down the process of ageing, can we live longer, if so, how? It's a highly technical subject, too detailed for an in-depth discussion here. However, we can give you some powerful pointers to help slow down the ageing process and increase your chances of a healthier old age.

What Determines Your Biological 'Age'?

Our parents preconditioned us from a young age to believe that we'll live to a certain age. We walk around with a particular notion in our subconscious that we have a pre-defined lifespan of between 60-90 years. But there is no definitive speed at which a person should gracefully age because we are all so different.

Some people seem to look and act eternally young - ageless, wrinkleless! Others, less fortunate, look old beyond their years.

Our body's biological age is a reflection of our physical, mental and spiritual journey through life. In perfect conditions, our bodies can survive to an age of 125 years! Look at the two very different characters below, the potential for ageing becomes quite obvious when you compare such a stark difference in lifestyle.

The person on the left has all the attributes to significantly slow down the ageing process and live to a ripe old age with good health.

The personal on the right is degenerating and ageing FAST! But how many people do you know with such an idealistic, perfect lifestyle! Which areas of our lives are the most likely to accelerate the ageing process? There is one area we can work on straight away, an area we all indulge in on a daily basis: food. Food (our fuel) allows us to enjoy all the other areas of life!

Character 1

Character 2

Regularly partakes in enjoyable exercise

Leads a sedentary lifestyle

Enjoyable career, tolerates 'healthy' stress


Generally happy relationships with spouse and off spring

Inability to cope with pressure

Active member of community, enjoys many friendships

Isolated - working alone, few friendship/family

Seeks to learn new things and develop personally

Poor or limited career opportunities

Eats a balanced, healthy diet

Eats too much food (comfort eating)

Supplements with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants

Eats the wrong types of food (junk)

Tends to forgive and forget

Drinks excess alcohol

Has a sense of worth and purpose in life

Smokes cigarettes

Has stability and routine in life

Regular visits to doctor for various illnesses


Harbours resentment, anger, feat


Lack of purpose and self worth


Lack of stability and routine

 The speed at which you age is directly connected to your lifestyle!


Source Herbalife Today Magazine




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