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Understanding Antioxidants 

Red wine can help protect from cancer

The key may lie in recent research that suggests cancer-fighting antioxidants are abundant in red wine. Even more research is required to identify a number of other health benefits to wine drinking.


The role of antioxidants in fighting cancer

What are antioxidants?  How do antioxidants affect cancers? Which foods are rich in antioxidants? With the National Cancer Institute we answer these and other key questions about the relationship of antioxidants and cancer.


Loud applause for apples please

According to Apple & Pear Australia Ltd, apples are a must have in a healthy diet for many reasons. After discovering how beneficial they are to your health, I'm sure you will reach for an juicy apple over a bag of crisps! A study of 8,000 people showed significant antioxidant health benefits in apples and pears.


Green tea takes toll on cancer

Tea drinking is an ancient tradition dating back 5,000 years in China and India. Long regarded in those cultures as an aid to good health...investigators are especially interested in the antioxidants-called catechins-found in tea.


The Phytochemical powerhouse in grapes

Phytochemicals are compounds found only in plants. Many are powerful antioxidants that can mop up damaging by-products of the body's energy-producing process called oxidation.


An apple a day does keep the doctor away

A recent study show 100% apple juice is more nutrition than previously thought. In fact, apple juice contains a significant amount of phytonutrients which may help protect against heart disease.


Chocolate lovers take note!

We show you the best way to indulge your love for chocolate and stay healthy! Dark chocolate - specifically cocoa powder - contains antioxidants that are protective to the heart. Studies also show that dark chocolate can help decrease blood pressure levels (high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease).


Garlic and onions mop up danger

Selenium found in garlic and onions is an essential mineral found in trace amounts in the human body. It works as an antioxidant, especially when combined with vitamin E, by scavenging damaging particles in the body known as free radicals.


Colour key to fighting winter colds

boosting your intake of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables could be your best defence against winter sniffles and sneezes according to accredited practising dietitians.


Food a powerhouse of protection

The right food choices can provide a rich source of various essential healthful chemicals. It is through food that we get our micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, fibre, protein, and essential fat.









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