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The Lifestyle Centre

Children's Scrapbook

by Marcie Larsen

scrapbook paperAs a parent, we want to remember every little detail of our children's life as they grow up. As a scrapbooker, we want those memories to be put on pages and preserved for years and years. We also want these memories to be as perfect as the day they occurred. We have the perfect title, detailed journaling, matching embellishments and of course the photos. The more I look back on my albums that I have completed; I realized the one thing I am missing is my child's stories of the event told in their words.

Then I started thinking what better way to capture those memories then by letting them create their own scrapbook pages and complete album of themselves. By the age of three, a child can use a glue stick and place die-cuts and stickers to a page on their own. By the time they are in school, they can write their own journaling, before long, they would be able to create their own personalize journal of their life. Let them use their imagination and be creative, even if they just use the left over scraps from you. There are also several different scrapbook kits that are suitable for children to put together. Before you know it, they will me master scrappers and creating their own layouts from scratch.

As your child begins their scrapbook, you will be able to bond by doing something you both enjoy doing. You child will thank you as they go back over their life journal and enjoy watch themselves group and change in their own handwriting. These will be cherished for years and years by their own children and grandchildren.

Scrapbooking by Close To My Heart Consultant Marcy Larsen. Scrapbook Layouts, stamping techniques and more at marcylarsen.com.


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