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The Health Centre

Healthy Kidneys

Water, nature's health drink

With over two million Australians showing some sign of kidney disease, Kidney Health Australia has chosen International Water Day to call on people to drink water, nature’s health drink.


Staggering cost of kidney disease

The cost of treating kidney disease in Australia is rising by $50 million a year and will jump from $700 million in 2006 to $900 million in 2010, according to the first ever report on The Economic Impact of Kidney Disease in Australia released recently.


Know your kidneys

Kidney Health Australia today urged all Australians to become aware of kidney failure which causes or contributes to at least 9.5% of all deaths in Australia and is known as the Silent Killer.


Ban on school soft drinks

One drink containing sugar each day has been shown in females to be associated with an 80% increase in the risk of acquiring diabetes. Kidney Health Australia backed moves by the Victorian Government to ban sugar laden soft drinks at schools and called for other State Governments to adopt a similar policy nationally.


Kidney damage - no warning signs!

About 2 million Australians may be affected by early-stage kidney disease and not even know it, Kidney Health Australia said today as it released details of No Warning Signs, a community awareness program to combat the silent killer in Australia.







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