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The Health Centre

How to Help Him Stop Snoring!

sleep with snoringDr. Adam Moscovitch, medical director for the Canadian Sleep Institute, answers questions on how to achieve a snoreless sleep.

Q: Help. My husband has recently begun to snore and it keeps me up throughout the night. What should he do to stop snoring?

A: To begin with, you are not alone. A recent report revealed that two-thirds of respondents say their partner snores and as a result they lose one to three hours of sleep a night. Persistent snoring can put a strain on a relationship and the sleep deprivation has an impact on the bedmate's day to day life.

Snoring occurs because of a narrowing or blockage in the airways. This narrows the airflow to your nose, forcing you to breathe through the mouth, which causes you to snore.

Here are some easy tips for your partner to relieve the nasal congestion and reduce snoring:

  • Sleep on his side or stomach, which reduces snoring.

  • Avoid eating late, taking sleeping pills or sedatives. All can trigger snoring.

  • Exercise. If you have excess weight around the neck and chest it puts pressure on the breathing passage.

  • Stop the bad habits: smoking and alcohol can cause snoring.

  • Assess whether you have increased nasal congestion. Causes of nasal congestion include allergy to dust, or foods like wheat or eggs.

  • Try drug-free nasal strips, like Breathe Right, which have been clinically shown to relieve nasal congestion and help cold, allergy or snoring sufferers breathe better.

  • Try a nasal spray which keeps the mucous membranes moist and unclogged, and reduces vibrational noise.

If none of these recommendations work for your husband, he should consult his family physician because he may be experiencing symptoms of another condition, like sleep apnea. And one last tip: try falling asleep before your husband. It's easier to stay asleep through the snoring storm than it is to fall asleep once the snoring has begun. Good luck.

Source:  NewsCanada






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