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Weight Loss Success Story -

No more fast food cravings!


weight loss before/afterAt 21-years-old and 265 pounds, Jon wasn’t feeling like his college years were the best of his life. “A lot of people gain the freshman 15,” he says. “But I also gained the sophomore 15, the junior 15 and the senior 15. I was desperate.” Finally, a friend suggested he try Herbalife. What happened next amazed him.

“The first month I lost 16 pounds. Within 8 months, I’d lost 72 pounds!”

Jon’s results with Herbalife were so dramatic that he quickly became a Distributor. His mother was his first customer and soon he was also helping his fellow classmates. Today, he maintains a healthy weight and enjoys an active lifestyle he couldn’t have imagined in the old days. “I go hiking and play racquetball,” he says. “I love getting outside and moving around.” Although he used to snack throughout the day, hitting the vending machine between every class, he hasn’t gone near fast food in years. “The shakes fill me up and give me energy in the morning,” he says. “I’m going to be drinking them forever.”

“People ask ‘How long you do have to drink the shakes?’ I tell them ‘As long as you want to feel great!’”

Here's How:

  • Get active and support your exercise with Cellular Nutrition and Joint Support.

  • Drink Liftoff™ instead of diet soda. It will give you stable energy and you won’t have the urge to grab a soda.

  • Break the Protein Bars in half and freeze them for snacking.

ShapeWorks™ Protein Bars, especially chocolate fudge, Liftoff™

Before: 265
After: 193
72 pounds lost

More your personalized, no obligation Herbalife plan, call a Herbalife Coach.

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.





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