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Best Tips to Lose Weight


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How do you lose weight

and keep it off?


A team of researchers created the National Weight Control Registry to find out. Using newspaper and magazine advertisements, they identified about 5,000 people who had successfully lost weight and kept it off. Study participants lost an average of 35 kilos. Although some gained back some weight, all maintained at least a 12 kilo loss.


Free, healthy weight loss tips:


Eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet Strategies included restricting certain foods, limiting quantities, counting calories or fat grams, using a liquid or exchange diet. Whatever the method, 99 percent of participants reduced overall calorie intake.


Getting high levels of physical activity More than 90 percent of participants exercised regularly. The average expenditure of energy was the equivalent of a daily one-hour brisk walk. Walking was the most common activity.


Eating breakfast Nearly 80 percent of participants ate breakfast every day. Cereal and fruit topped the list.


Frequent weighing Seventy-five percent of participants weighed themselves at least once a week. About 60 percent of those people weighed themselves every day.


Once the weight was off, those who kept practicing the behavioural changes that started the weight loss, were successful in not gaining the weight. Two factors that seem to predict long-term success were day-to-day consistency in diet and the ability to recognize when they were slipping back to their old habits. Those who dealt with small weight gains early were most likely to stop or reverse the gain. When participants maintained their weight loss for at least two years, they reduced the risk of regaining weight by 50 percent.


Another theme: No single strategy worked or was used 100 percent of the time. Any set of weight-loss techniques is only as good as the motivation to use it in both the short and long term. Among this group most of whom had tried and failed to lose weight in the past the most common motivation was a health concern or the realization that their weight had reached an all-time high.


For further information visit the National Weight Control Registry.






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